ROSSAT & ROSSAT CONSULTING is a Chilean company, with a staff de specialized proffesionnals in Marketing and Management, from different countries, with a high degreé in the most important universities around the world. by this way, in our staff we count with Commecial Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Industrial Civil Engineers, Economists, Psychologists, Sociologists, Physicians, Pharmaceutics Chemists, Medical Technicians, Dentist Cirujanes, Biologyst especialied in Environment sciencies, etc., all them with a high degreé (MBA, Master in Marketing, etc.).

The experiencie in enterprise field can allow us to advice to growing organizations and ,and as to companies who came to invest in our country.
Conscients of the turbulents environments and the changes that imply the XXI century, ROSSAT & ROSSAT CONSULTING offers news marketing and management tools with a primary goal:
Help to the companies to be every more competitivies through new plans in marketing and management in a way of productivity with quality, this is our goal.

  • Keep us totally neutrals in our analysis.

  • Keep us under ethical principles and confidentiallity in our procedures.

  • Our prices are not subject to the label of a company.

  • We adjust to the needs of our clients, giving to everyone the specific professional assesorship.

  • We respond to the trust put in us with a serious , reliable and professional job.
Give to our client a professional service, objective, truly and at time. which can allow to use the results obtained like its better tool in take of decisions, with the unconditional and personalized support of our company, with this our clients can obtain your goals.

To answer with excelence to the national and international unsatisfied demand in front of the marketing and management services, with satisfied clients of our results and being better together every day…
VERÓNICA ROSSAT A.: Lawyer of the University of Chile, Master in Marketing and Commercial Administration of ESEM, SPAIN, Economic Analyst - Financial of the ESITE, SPAIN, Graduate in Administration of Human resources of the University of Chile, Graduate in Psychology and Personal Development Interamerican Center Existential of Psychoterapy, Graduate in Formation of Consultants PYME of the University Diego Portals, Consultant CORFO in the specialties of Human resources and Commercialization, Graduate in Numerology, University of San Jorge, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Therapist in Reiki Institute Huara.

FERNANDO BELTRÁN R.: Commercial Engineer of the Technical University of the Ecuador, Master in Administration of Companies (MBA) of the Technological Institute and of Superior Studies of Monterrey - Mexico, Graduate in University Docencia of the University of East - Cuba, Auditor Leader of Systems of Quality and ISO 9000 of the Latin American Commission of Productivity and Medioambiente - CLAPAM, author of the Book Administration of the Security, Consultant CORFO in the specialties of Strategic Planning, I Develop Organizational and Quality.

ALEJANDRA ANSALDO L.: Accountant - Auditor of the University of The Serene one, Professor of the University of the Aconcagua, Consultant CORFO in the specialty of Finances.

MANUEL GODOY LÓPEZ.: Administrator Public University from Chile, Industrial Administrator, Graduate in Human resources University of Chile, Boss of Human resources company Cormecánica Renault.

VALESKA ROSSAT A.: Surgeon Dentist University of Concepción, MBA University of Santiago (USACH), Master in Marketing University of Tennessee Knoxville, USES.

: Consultant and Advisory Labor and of RR.HH.
Master & Trainer in Programming Neuro Linguistics (PNL)
Specialization in Systemic Organizational Behavior
for the Innovation and Administration of the Change.
Agent PNL (Global Community of Trainer & Consultancy)
NLP University, USES

RAFAEL MENDIZÁBAL R.: Medical Surgeon, specialist in Pediatrics.
Graduate in Bioética, University of Chile
Master - Trainer in Programming Neuro Linguistics.
I change PNL - Chile.
Sponsor in Clinical Hypnosis. I change PNL-Chile
Studying Magíster of Psychology of the Adolescent, University of the Development.

PATRICIO ARAVENA L.: Engineer Civil Catholic University from Chile.
MBA University Adolfo Ibáñez
Councillor in Clinical Hypnosis
Trainer - Practitioner in Programming Neuro Linguistics
Teacher in Biodanza (School Rolando Bull)

MILENA MIRA M.: Statistical Catholic University of Valparaíso, educational University of Aconcagua.

ALICIA RIQUELME F.: Teacher normalista and of State in Education Physical University of Chile, Graduate in Education Metropolitan University of Sciences of the Education, Magíster in Education of the University of Chile, Grants a doctorate in Education UNED, Spain. Educational University student.

CRISTIÁN ROSSAT A.: Medical Surgeon University of Concepción, Specialist in Surgery University of Chile. With publications in Chile and abroad in topics of their specialty. It has attended seminars in diverse countries.

XIMENA ROSSAT A.: Medical Surgeon University of Concepción, Specialist in Neurology Catholic University of Chile. With publications in Chile and the foreigner, it has attended seminars in diverse countries.

PABLO BELLOY K.: Biochemical, University of Concepción.
GENERAL FLORES 20 OF: 606 PROVIDENCIA -SANTIAGO / CHILE / FONO: 56+2 335 66 97/ FAX 56+2 335 62 21